So, what is this blog about?

As I say on ‘Why a blog?’ I’ve always wanted to write one, but I had never had the time, the theme (as in subject) to talk about or whatever reason (as in excuse) imaginable not to do it.

I’ve been working in Barcelona, Catalonia, for almost 13 years as a developer, software analyst, project manager and teacher (not the 15 years doing all of that, but a bit of them from time to time). I’ve also been a year remotely working for a San Francisco located company as a software architect, regularly travelling there. You can check my LinkedIn profile if you wish. You are also welcome to connect with me!

In this blog I will try to put part of my experience and the things I’m still learning (which are a lot). My main focus is on Python and Django, but I have experience on Java and C# and I also like information security and sysops fields.

Some posts will be written as a way to show something that I know to you, so you can quickly start working on that particular thing. Others will be written as notes to myself, but that I think they could be useful for you. A few of them will be projects that I’d like to share with you while I’m being developing them. And maybe some of them will be about opinions I have about things happening related to development, security and privacy, etc…

Whatever it is, I’m sure you will find something appealing to you!