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Since I know about blogs I’ve always wanted to write one. Oh yes, I started some, but I wasn’t really comitted to none of them. As a consequence I let them all die silently.

I think it’s in my DNA showing others what I already know and new things I learn. My main goal is that everybody can get technically up-to-speed as fast as possible so they can do profitable stuff. And probably a blog is a very good starting point to achieve this goal, as it is like having an open window to the world.

And the question now is: given that you already had some blogs which silently died, why try it again? What is what has pushed me to create a domain name, set up a Wordpress and start to write stuff I don’t really know if anybody will ever read? The answer to that question is ‘thanks to an awesome guy who happens to have a freely available course on how to create your own blog, and, most important for me, WHY you should have one.

This guy is John Sonmez and he runs the site His site is full of deep insight about your career as a programmer. But he does not focus on teaching you how to program, you probably know how to do that (and if you don’t check my blog for tips and tricks!). His main focus is on ‘soft skills’. He writes about doubts that every developer has probably had on his career life, ranging from how to crack your code interview to how to best handle your finances. So, either if you are starting your career, or you are a senior developer you can take profit from his experience.